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Atomic Wallet is a non-custodial decentralized wallet. It means that you own your backup phrase and private keys, thus, you fully control your funds. We have no access to your wallet.
What do you like best about Atomic Wallet?
I worked well at first but they have the worst support ever that resulted in losing 20K of my money!Review collected by and hosted on
What do you dislike about Atomic Wallet?
Forget about trying to get help from their support staff because you will not get an answer back for days or in some cases never!
Our Atomic Wallet froze up and would not update coin prices, so I tried to reach out to support that went nowhere.
After waiting for a couple of days with no response, on 4/19/21, I clicked on the Telegram Icon on the support page from their website to their official Telegram channel to try to get help there. BIG MISTAKE!
I then proceeded to reach out to a support member who turned out to be a fraudster even though they had their official logo as the profile picture, deemed to be a real support member, and stole our coins.
They sent us a link to restore our wallet that generated a QR code and our assets were gone. I never shared keys or passwords or anything with a single person online or in person.
This appears to be an inside job since we had our wallet opened on another screen and our assets disappeared instantly. To make withdrawals, it would take time for the assortment of coins we had to be transferred out.
This would have never happened if they kept the platform updated in the first place.
The value of our assets is @ 20K which we have a complete list of the assets along with the blockchain transactions when they were purchased.
Atomic Wallet Support claims that the only way someone can get to your wallet is with your 12 word phrase which is not true.
Quote from support on Reddit
“The password or the 12-word backup phrase is the only way to gain access to your wallet.”
I even tried to reach out to the CEO Konstantin Gladych on his Twitter channel to no avail.
We are now engaged in finding legal help to try to get our assets back. What a nightmare but we will fight this till the end of time!
Find somewhere else to store your crypto assets, Atomic Wallet is not where you want to store your hard-earned money not to mention their exchange fees are outrageous.
A cryptocurrency wallet is a program that interacts with various blockchain and stores private and public keys, enabling users of these wallets to send and receive digital currency as well as monitor their balance. If a person wants to use any type of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum, then a digital wallet is necessary.
Atomic wallet is an all-in-one cryptocurrency solution. It has numerous features covering anonymity, decentralization, atomic swaps, security, and more, along with support for numerous coins and multiple devices. Designed to become a part of a fully-fledged decentralized cryptocurrency ecosystem, the wallet is a downloadable application, compatible with a host of operating systems like Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Linux, Android & iOS.
Atomic wallet was created as a multi-currency wallet to help users store and manage over 300 cryptocurrencies. The Atomic wallet can also be used as your exchange, allowing for atomic swaps. You can also use bank cards to purchase Bitcoin and Ethereum directly from the wallet. The wallet is intended to be easy to use, even for users without any experience, while also being feature-packed like adding ERC20 tokens and trade coins directly through the atomic wallet.
Atomic wallet is available for free, although certain services incur fees. Users can buy cryptocurrency with a credit card and have it sent directly through the wallet. Users can perform three types of trade through the wallet. These are –
  • Trade through ShapeShift
  • Trade through Changelly
Atomic Wallet at a glance
  • Platforms supported – Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, Ubuntu, Debian & Fedora
  • Released – 2017
  • Price – Free
  • Cryptocurrencies supported – More than 500 including Bitcoin, NEO, Tron
Because Atomic Wallet is free, it is great for beginners. It allows users to buy crypto directly through the wallet, unlike other wallets that require that you buy crypto assets through third party exchanges and then send them to their wallet to begin exchanging them. The wallet also has atomic swap integration, which means that Atomic Wallet users can exchange almost any coin and token through the wallet.
Atomic Wallet Features
Atomic Wallet has incorporated almost all of the recent innovations in the blockchain. It is packed with user-friendly features making it easy to manage and store cryptocurrency. Some of the features added into Atomic Wallet are –
  • User interface – Atomic Wallet has a sleek and user-friendly interface enabling users to move between numerous functions with ease. There are also a host of customization options that are available for users. The airdrop feature allows users to participate in any airdrops or bounties related to any particular token that they have added.
  • Inbuilt exchange – Atomic Wallet has an inbuilt exchange, facilitating peer to peer crypto exchanges and in-app crypto swaps. Atomic Wallet has partnered with leading decentralized exchanges like Changelly, Shapeshift, and Binance to facilitate their inbuilt wallet.
  • Multi-platform – Atomic wallet is available as both a desktop app and a mobile app. The desktop version supports operating systems like Windows, Linux, macOS, Ubuntu and more. The mobile app is available on Android and iOS.
  • Supports card purchase – Users can buy cryptocurrencies using their credit and debit cards thanks to its collaboration with Simplex.
  • Portfolio management – Atomic Wallet comes with price tracking and portfolio management tools allowing users to monitor the value of their investments in real-time.
  • Resources – Atomic wallet has entered into partnerships with data providers like CoinMarketCap, allowing users to monitor coin prices real-time. The wallet also has an education and news section that users can use to keep themselves updated with the crypto space’s latest developments.
  • Membership – All customers holding AWC-BEP2 receive cash back rewards for using a built-in exchange service. The amount of cash back received is dependent on your membership status. You can become a member by holding at least 100 AWC. Find out more about the different membership levels here.
Security features of Atomic Wallet:
Atomic Wallet comes with a host of security features to ensure the complete safety of the users. The first feature being the user-generated password, which is required to access the wallet. This password is also used in the confirmation of transactions and while viewing private keys. The user-generated password is backed up by a randomly generated 12-word backup phrase that can be used to recover access to the wallet if the user’s device is misplaced or stolen. Atomic Wallet uses TLS and AES encryption to ensure secure transactions. None of the data is stored on servers, and Atomic Wallet has zero access to the users’ private keys.
Let’s take a slightly more detailed look at the security features of Atomic Wallet:
  • Password – The user will be required to create a strong multi-character password while creating an account either on the mobile app or the desktop app.
  • Recovery backup – A randomly generated 12-word backup phrase will back up the user-generated password. This is automatically generated once the user has registered an account with Atomic Wallet. The user can use this to recover the wallet and private keys in the event of loss or theft of the phone or computer or forgetting the password.
  • Anonymous trading – Atomic Wallet has been specifically designed to support anonymous Crypto trading. The wallet will not ask for details such as name and e-mail address. Users will also not be subject to KYC and AML verification tests.
  • Non-Custodial – Atomic Wallets are non-custodial wallets. This means that the company servers will not store private keys on the user’s behalf. The user will maintain full control of the private keys.
  • Encryption – Atomic Wallets use AES Symmetric encryption technology to prevent any unauthorized access to the user’s assets. All the data and private keys are stored in the user’s wallet.
What are the currencies currently supported by Atomic Wallet?
Atomic Wallet does not have any membership restrictions or limitations. Even countries that have a strict crypto policy can access Atomic Wallet through VPN. The wallet app is available to virtually all cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The wallet currently supports more than 300 different cryptocurrencies and tokens as well as all ERC 20 tokens. Users can store and manage BTC, ETH, LTC, XRP, BNB, TRX, BCH, XMR, DASH, ZEC, XLM, DOGE, and many others.
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